Historical Record of Surgeries

6th January, Berkhamsted
20th January, South Oxhey
3rd February, Tring
10th February, Rickmansworth
24th February, Berkhamsted
10th March, South Oxhey
24th March, Tring
31st March, Rickmansworth


8th January, Rickmansworth
22nd January, Berkhamsted
5th February, South Oxhey
26th February, Tring
11th March, Rickmansworth
18th March, Berkhamsted
1st April, South Oxhey
22nd April, Tring
6th May, Berkhamsted
20th May, Rickmansworth
27th May, South Oxhey
16th June, Tring
1st July, Rickmansworth
15th July, Berkhamsted
28th July, South Oxhey
15th August, Tring
25th August, Rickmansworth
2nd September, Berkhamsted
16th September, South Oxhey
30th September, Tring
14th October, Rickmansworth
11th November, South Oxhey
25th November, Tring
9th December, Rickmansworth

9th January, Berkhamsted
23rd January, South Oxhey
6th February, Tring
13th February, Rickmansworth
27th February, Berkhamstead
13th March, South Oxhey
29th July Berkhamsted
13th August South Oxhey
27th August Tring
11th September Rickmansworth
24th September Berkhamsted
16th October South Oxhey
30th October Tring
6th November Rickmansworth
20th November Berkhamsted
4th December South Oxhey
18th December Tring

10th January, Berkhamsted
24th January, South Oxhey
7th February, Tring
21st February, Rickmansworth
7th March, Berkhamsted
21st March, South Oxhey
4th April, Tring
11th April, Rickmansworth
2nd May, Berkhamsted
16th May, South Oxhey
6th June, Tring
20th June, Rickmansworth
4th July, Berkhamsted
18th July, South Oxhey
28th July, Tring
11th August, Rickmansworth
22nd August, Berkhamsted
12th September, South Oxhey
26th September, Tring
11th October, Rickmansworth
24th October, Berkhamsted
7th November, South Oxhey
21st November, Tring
5th December, Rickmansworth

4th Jan - Tring
25th Jan - Rickmansworth
8th Feb - Berkhamsted
15th Feb - South Oxhey
1st Mar - Tring
15th Mar - Rickmansworth
5th April - Berkhamsted
19th April - South Oxhey
3rd May - Tring
24th May - Rickmansworth
14th June - Berkhamsted
28th June - South Oxhey
12th July - Tring
22nd July - Rickmansworth
9th August - Berkhamsted
21st August - South Oxhey
6th September - Tring
27th September, Rickmansworth
11th October, Berkhamsted
25th October, South Oxhey
8th November, Tring
22nd November, Rickmansworth
6th December, Tring
13th December 2013, Rickmansworth


6th Jan – Berkhamsted
20th Jan – South Oxhey
3rd Feb – Tring
24th Feb – Rickmansworth
9th March – Berkhamsted
30th March – South Oxhey
13th April - Tring
27th April – Rickmansworth
11th May – Berkhamsted
25th May – South Oxhey
1st June – Tring
15th June – Rickmansworth
29th June – Berkhamsted
13th July – South Oxhey
27th July – Tring
10th Aug – Rickmansworth
17th August – Berkhamsted
7th September – South Oxhey
21st September – Tring
12th October – Rickmansworth
26th October – Berkhamsted
16th November – South Oxhey
30th November – Berkhamsted
7th December - Rickmansworth
14th December - Rickmansworth

7th Jan – South Oxhey
14th Jan – Tring
28th Jan - Rickmansworth
11th Feb – Berkhamsted
18th Feb – Rickmansworth
4th March – South Oxhey
18th March – Tring
1st April – Rickmansworth
15th April – Berkhamsted
13th May – South Oxhey
27th May - Tring
10th June – Rickmansworth
17th June – Rickmansworth
24th June – Berkhamsted
8th July – South Oxhey
22nd July – Tring
1st Aug – Rickmansworth
17th Aug – Berkhamsted
9th Sept – South Oxhey
23rd Sept – Tring
14th Oct – Rickmansworth
4th Nov – Berkhamsted
18th Nov – South Oxhey
2nd Dec – Tring
16th Dec – Rickmansworth

8th Jan – Tring
22nd Jan – Rickmansworth
5th Feb – Berkhamsted
19th Feb – South Oxhey
5th Mar – Tring
19th Mar – Rickmansworth
1st April – Rickmansworth
16th April – Rickmansworth
21st May – Rickmansworth
4th June – Berkhamsted
25th June – South Oxhey
9th July - Tring
16th July - Rickmansworth
30th July – Berkhamsted
2nd Aug – South Oxhey
17th Aug – Rickmansworth
10th Sept – Tring
24th Sept – Rickmansworth
15th Oct – Berkhamsted
5th Nov – South Oxhey
19th Nov – Tring
3rd Dec – Rickmansworth
10th Dec – Tring
17th Dec – Berkhamsted

Dissolution of Parliament

I’m not currently a Member of Parliament as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 8th June 2017. This website will not be updated during the election campaign and is for reference of my work when I was a Member of Parliament.

To contact me during the campaign please call my campaign office on 01923 771781 or email me on david@davidgauke.com or visit www.swhertsconservatives.org. You can also follow me on Twitter at @DavidGauke

Croxley Rail Link Petition


David holds regular surgeries at various places in the constituency, including Rickmansworth, South Oxhey, Berkhamsted and Tring. 

Record of surgeries

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